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Job Description

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I am so glad you're interested in working at Spilt Polish Nail & Lash Salon LLC! I am currently looking for a passionate, clean, and very organized person to join me as a salon assistant and potentially an hourly or commission-based service provider.  Your position will start as support to Nicole in creating a luxury experience for guests, you will provide office support, help with reception and cleaning duties, as well as some basic service help. There will be a large emphasis on education and growing you as a potential commissioned or hourly nail technician if we decide to move forward in that direction.  This is not for an apprenticed position, you must be licensed or close to being licensed if you will be interested in learning my techniques and providing services eventually. If you are not licensed and want to still provide support and assist on a non-service provider basis please apply as well, and we can discuss your options. Click the link at the bottom to apply.


Job Description

The employee's primary role is to support Nicole with salon duties, guest preparation, services, and guest experience. The employee will be trained to greet guests, perform necessary daily tasks, correspond with guests on the salon’s behalf, take photos and video for social media, send newsletters, provide the start of services, provide celluma light therapy services (if interested in learning).  


The role will begin as a part-time hourly rate employee and may grow into a commissioned technician position if qualifications allow.

  • Licensed in cosmetology or nails (if you're wanting to offer services eventually)

  • Passionate about nails

  • Punctual

  • Professional

  • Clean and organized

  • Detail-oriented

  • A quick learner

Let’s Work Together

176 Thomas Johnson Dr. suite 205

Frederick Md 21702

Tel: 301-514-1931

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