Dry Mani with Gel Polish or IBX $44

Quick clean up to prepare nails for Gel polish and lotion (no Massage 40 min

Spa Mani with Gel Polish Or IBX  $55

Relaxing exfoliating detailed clean up to prepare for polish includes mask and massage 50 min

Luxe Mani with Gel Polish Or IBX  $85

Luxurious hand and arm treatment with gel polish and decadent massage. 80 min

IBX-Repair & Strengthen  

Protects & helps repair natural nails

accent nail/additional colors  $2&up

Nail Art   $5up


Dry Pedi with Gel Polish Or IBX   $55

Super quick foot and nail clean up

with gel polish and lotion 40 min

Spa Pedi with Gel Polish Or IBX   $83

Relaxing foot and leg treatments and  detailed cuticle and callus clean up  with a mask and massage 60 min

Spa Reflexology Pedi with Gel Polish Or IBX   $95

Upgraded foot and leg treatments using

a Spa line of your choice and detailed cleanup 

and some reflexology with massage 70 min

LUXE Pedi with Gel Polish Or IBX  $195

Luxurious 2-hour foot and leg  treatment,

40 min massage and gel polish 120 min

Reflexology with a Soak only   $45

Soak and 15-20 min Reflexology

Barefoot nail restoration   $45-100

Reconstruction for Missing/Damaged toe Nails

Gel Enhancements

Full Set Sculptured Gel with gel color $90 & up

Sculptured Nail Enhancements to add length 80 min

Fill with gel color   (up to 5 weeks) $65

Hard Gel fill and re-balance 60 min

Boost Overlay with gel color  $75

Gel Overlay, No Length added (fills over 5 weeks old)

Party Nails w/tips $65

Extended with tips & thin Gel

Nail Art  $5up

Accent Nails or additional colors $2up

Lash Enhancements

Full Set   $160

2.5 hours New Set  & Home Products

Fill 1-hour   $85

Fill in as Much New Growth in Hour

30min extra   $25

Add on time for longer than 2-3 weeks

Removal   $25

Lash Lift  $80

Perm & Lift Lashes for Look of added Length

tint  $30


Lash Plump add on  $20

25% Plumper Lashes

Celluma LED Treatments

Acne Treatment   $35

LED to Help Treat and Repair Acne 30 min

Anti-Aging   $45

Cell Repair to Firm, Plump and smooth wrinkles 40 min

Pain Relief   $30

Near-infrared to help with pain relief 30 min

New monthly Unlimited membership $199