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Meet The Team

Hey all!
Welcome to Spilt Polish Nail & Skin Spa.
We have been open since July 2014, and look forward to many years serving the community. We strive to take care of all your skincare and nail needs but it's about more than just that, we want you to feel confident and whole and that your experience with our spa helps you thrive in all areas.

Check out all our amazing awards and acknowledgments.
2021 Sass Choice Awards Winner
~Best Beauty Service Provider

2022 Sass Choice Awards Winner
~Best Beauty Service Provider
~Best Spa Experience
~Best Nail salon

2023 Sass Choice Awards Winner
~Best Spa Experience
~Best Nail salon

2019 & 2020 Best of Best FNP Runner up
~Best Manicure & Pedicure



P.S. We are GLITTER-Holics lol!!


Nicole Brown


Licensed Esthetician  & Licensed Nail Tech

Master Hydrafacialist

Esthetics since 2021

Nails since 2003

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Nicole Myers

Apprentice Nail Technician


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Taylor Montford

Salon Manager

Taylor oversees and supports all the ins-and-outs of operations at Spilt Polish as our Salon Manager. With almost two decades worth of experience as a beauty industry consumer and understanding the importance of the salon experience under her belt, Taylor truly empathizes with our clients, going above and beyond to help facilitate a deeply pleasurable and personalized experience. Taylor describes herself to be "like a sponge,” constantly seeking knowledge that will further her expansion and skills to best provide you with a top-notch salon experience. She has high hopes and plans to learn new skills to assist performing salon services as needed in the near future. Here at Spilt, she works diligently to ensure customer comfortability and satisfaction, efficiency, safety and that the salon is well-maintained, clean, and running smoothly at all times.  She is dedicated and passionate about making sure you are serviced effectively, safely, and most important, joyfully. It is Taylor's wholehearted passion, and honor, to be able to serve you in this way.

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