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The Team

Hey all!
Welcome to Spilt Polish Nail & Skin Spa.

Awards and acknowledgments.
2021 Sass Choice Awards Winner
~Best Beauty Service Provider

2022 Sass Choice Awards Winner
~Best Beauty Service Provider
~Best Spa Experience
~Best Nail salon

2023 Sass Choice Awards Winner
~Best Spa Experience
~Best Nail salon

2019 & 2020 Best of Best FNP Runner up
~Best Manicure & Pedicure



Nicole Brown


Esthetician  & Nail Tech

*Master Hydrafacialist

Nicole B. is a dual Licensed Esthetician & Nail Technician. She believes that every person should feel cared for wholeheartedly as an individual and that every experience at SP Spa should be personalized,  luxurious, and safe. Over her 20+ years in the beauty industry she has created a beauty haven for guests to renew their soul and achieve their beauty goals. She is  passionate about education & always learning to expand both her creativity and her knowledge of techniques. Nicole regularly collaborates with other members of the beauty industry and local entrepreneurs. She will talk your ear off about her daughter and her guinea pigs, or stay quiet while you share about your day, or you just get a moment of peace, the choice is always yours. Nicole believes that by helping you relax, unwind, and rejuvenate you can better serve those you come in contact with, and the ripple effect in our community can be beautiful. 


Fave service to perform: Hydrafacial


Fun fact she was one of the first 5 people in Maryland to do Hydrafacials advanced training and is master certified. There are around 350-400 in total nationwide and only 2 in Frederick County MD..

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Nicole Myers

Makeup Artist &

Nail Technician

 Nicole M.  is a Makeup Artist and Level 1 Nail Technician . She loves diving right in and learning as she goes. She is full of energy and joy and loves to share that with everyone, it's hard to have a bad day when she is around. Nicole M.  travels to offer bridal makeup, and is going to be sharing more of these services at the salon as we expand. She is also currently in school, and is dual licensing to become a cosmetologist as well and will specialize in skin/makeup and nails. Talk about loving beauty and being passionate about learning!

Fave Service to perform: A fresh new set of Gel-X nails.

Fun Fact: She has a bearded dragon and 3 cats.

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Katie Vasher

Apprentice Esthetician &

Salon Manager

Katara AKA "Katie" is our all around support and our newest Apprentice Esthetician. Previously she was a Postmaster for the United States Postal Service for 14 Years. She has followed her passion into the beauty industry to focus on helping people regain control of their skin and provide confidence in their everyday life.

Fave Service: Hydrafacials and Dermaplaning. 

Fun Fact: She is Nicole Browns Sister-in-law! 

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